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It is obvious that law influences everyone`s both personal and professional life – wherever you are and whatever you do. In case your life or business is affected by Polish law and you need assistance or legal advice, we can help.

We are a Polish law firm. Our team consists of Polish lawyers entitled to practice law, give legal advice and to practice before courts – having the same rights and responsibilities as attorneys, barristers, solicitors or advocates in other jurisdictions.

We have the privilege to offer you professional legal services in all areas of Polish law. We address our services to individuals, professionals, partnerships and companies. We offer legal advisory, representation before Polish courts and widely understood government bodies, representation in negotiations or during the meetings of corporate bodies based in Poland. We guarantee full discretion and confidentiality.

for individuals

The scope of our legal services provided by for individuals includes the following areas of polish law:

  • inheritances
  • family law (divorces, separations, child support etc.)
  • criminal law
  • real estate law
  • consumer law
  • contract law
  • torts
  • intellectual property law
  • litigation / dispute resolution
  • labour law

for business

The scope of our legal services provided for business clients includes the following areas of polish law:

  • civil and commercial law, including contract law, torts and contractual liability
  • claims for compensation for the damage and the protection of personal rights
  • company law, including establishinment, mergers, divisions and transformations of companies or partnerships, drafting corporate documents
  • representation in the governing bodies of companies or pertnerships
  • representation of shareholders or stockholders
  • sale, purchase and transfer of shares
  • registration of entities in Polish national business registers and modifying entries
  • competition and consumer law
  • debt collection
  • leases and rentals of commercial space
  • intellectual property
  • construction law
  • labour law
  • insolvency proceedings (insolvency, reorganization, bankruptcy)
  • criminal business law and criminal tax law
  • administrative and tax Law
  • arbitration
  • dispute resolution,
  • ltigation

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